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ALS Scan Discount

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ALS Scan is a rare website whereby I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I saw the name. However, as I love to investigate porn websites in my spare time, I was up for the challenge for finding out what they had to offer. My conclusion? I was glad I did so because what I found was an interesting website that really did grab my attention.

So What Is It All About?

The main genre tends to be girl/girl sex, but they do also have some scenes with guys involved as well, so there is always going to be something there for everybody. All of the women seem to be shaved, but then that is probably just a sign of the times and what is in fashion rather than anything else. The scenes are in various locations and there is no doubt in my mind that the content they produce is hot and that is, after all, what you are looking for.

Genres And Hot Action.

Yeah I know I already mentioned lesbian sex as well as boy/girl scenes, but they also have some seriously hardcore material on their site and they seem to love some fetish stuff as well. That is the only way I can explain why they have outdoor fisting videos on their site and if you have never experienced this kind of thing, then this is a good time to start.

What About The Girls?

Obviously the girls make the website and with the ALS Scan discount you are certainly not going to be disappointed. They seem to prefer to go for the natural look and you just feel that there are not too many enhancements being used and I for one love that fact. It is just hotter when they have natural tits and are naturally gorgeous because what guy can resist that?

Exclusive Content.

I should point out that the content that they have available is exclusive to this website and that actually entices me into joining. You also have a lot of content to check out with more than 1600 videos and well over 2000 photo galleries, so it does mean that you are not going to be bored during your time on their website.

Overall, I have loved my time on ALS Scan and it is certainly a website that I will keep checking out because they do update and there are still so many scenes that I have to work through. This is certainly one I would recommend.