Casting Couch X Discount

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Casting Couch X Discount

ONLY $9.95 per month for 30 days, that’s precisely 67% OFF the regular price of $29.95!

The concept of the casting couch is very well known and there is no doubt that it exists. It should come as no surprise to then find out that a porn site has decided to produce something along these same lines, so say hello to Casting Couch X.

It Does As Its Name Suggests.

Obviously the entire idea of the site is pretty obvious as you watch hot chicks fucking on that infamous casting couch in order to get ahead in the world. The difference here is that these amateur girls want to make it in the porn industry and this is their introduction to it all and what an introduction it generally turns out to be.

They May Be New On Camera, But Not New To Fucking.

These chicks are fresh to the industry and most have never fucked on camera before, but the one thing that you do know is that they really know how to fuck. They are not afraid to try anything, so there are facials, there are chicks being fucked in every hole, and they love to come in front of you. Amateurs absolutely rock.

Exclusive Content And More Appearing.

The content on this site is exclusive to them and that does make a big difference to me when looking at joining a website. They may have just under 100 movies to view right now, but they have not been live for too long, so cut them a small break as they are shooting and uploading on a regular basis.

Super High Quality For Super Quality Content.

The quality of the content on here is outstanding and everything is of course in HD and High Resolution. It just seems to all go together superbly and you feel that when you put the quality of the technical side with the quality of the fucking that you get a superb all round package. Put it this way, I am a real geek with technical stuff and even I was impressed.

Casting Couch X does what it is supposed to and that is to show us new girls in the porn industry who love to fuck. They are cute, the action is hot, and I cannot wait until the next update.