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College Rules Discount

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College Rules is a relatively new pornographic website which features numerous college-aged actresses. The majority of videos involve guying search the breadth of the United States, trying find the hottest sorority girls in the country. The site has well over 120 scenes, and each scene is at least 30 minutes long. These movies can be watched in smaller clips or all in one go. The videos use the latest production techniques available and all videos are shot in the best quality. There are two different types of image gallery on College Rules.

The first type is regular photos, the other type is screenshots which are taken from one of the movies available on the website. Although videos cannot be download on College Rules, the streaming option allows you to watch videos in high quality. These stream fast and there are rarely any buffering problems. All video content is exclusive and the website is only in its infancy; more videos are being updated more frequently, and the database of models is expanding.

The site costs only $14.95 for a monthly membership with the college rules discount and there is enough content here for everyone who is a fan of porn to enjoy. Signing up to College Rules is easy to do and only requires a valid email address to set up a brand new online account. Members who sign up to the website get access to all the content on the website, including all videos and photo galleries. All videos are available in high definition and can streamed from an in-built flash player. There are several over options to stream the videos; members can watch in 360p, 480p or 720p.

Each photo gallery, which is made up pictures from each movies, as well as separate photos, contains on average 300 different photos. These are available to view in a big sized resolution, and look great on any computer screen. There is nothing else to configure or download in order to watch the videos available on College Rules. The models who star in the movies are all in their late teens or early twenties, and hail from colleges all across the country.