DDF Network Discount

83% Dicker Rating

Deal Rating: 85%
Content: 85%
Quality: 80%

DDF Network Discount

ONLY $19.99 per month for 30 days, that’s exactly 57% OFF the regular price of $44.99!

This is not the cheapest porn site on the net by any means. In fact, it definitely falls within the higher price range bracket in terms of what is out there currently. On this basis I am reviewing the site today to see what warrant’s this joiner fee.

The first thing to strike you when you land on their home page is that the girls are different. They are not part of what I call the ‘porn-star brigade’. You know the type? Long blond hair, pink lips and round fake tits. Here, the girls shine in a different light which to be honest is intriguing. If you consider how many sites are doing hard-core and how much can this vary after a while? A good idea might be to get some girls that look completely different. They are Eastern European mostly with charming names like ‘Inga’ and ‘Katarina’. I am sufficiently intrigued to look further into what they are offering.

There are over one million HQ photographs, 2000 of these enticing babes and 11 000 HD videos with up to 4 updates a day. This is starting to make sense to me now as they are offering massive content and it is clear too. When you join you also get access to another 13 of their rather striking fetish based sites free. These include ‘House of Taboo’ which is a fantastically arranged and produced fetish site focusing on all that is kinky and is a huge turn on. I will say without qualm this site is offering massive content and super sexy models that are different form the regular girls around. They sort of look a bit ‘girl-next doorish’ which is very appealing. The ddf network discount makes this porn network cheap compared to the other major networks.

Navigation is a cinch since the top tabs basically tell you where everything is. This includes porn-stars, both male and female, sites, updates and reviews which are rather handy. This ensures you get to see what other member’s thought of the content before you decide to watch.

The content is hard-core, but shot with a certain air of sophistication and classiness and the girls are very sexy and varied in age and body type. This includes lithe teens, older women and all the mixes in between. Again, I have to stress these girls are something different and it is nice to see.

I can see now how the price is warranted. The content is good and it is definitely hard-core and fetish, also features feet and stockings for example. The archives are huge which means not all of the footage is in HD but all the newer footage is plus, most importantly the site is regularly updated and the front page changes often. This is important as there is nothing worse in my opinion if it stays the same every time you visit. I give this site a full 10/10 for production and content. It is worth taking a good long look at.