Digital Playground Discount

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Digital Playground Discount

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If you’re an adult, you’re bound to give in to your manly urges and check out porn once in a while. Ideally, if you’ re going through such a stage where even the slightest touch turns you on, then there is no better alternative than checking out one of the best porn websites in the virtual world.

Digital Playground is the best in the market, providing its viewers with some of the best content from the past nineteen years. The name of the website is quite self evident, if you go by the literal meaning of it. With the whole arena as your playground, you can get downright dirty when it comes to turning your life upside down. Yes, Digital Playground offers a plethora of sex scenes, all waiting to be viewed and savored scene by scene.

What do you get with Digital Playground’s membership?

  • Some of the most well known porn stars in the market performing to the likes of their regular viewers and members.
  • 2000 scenes and excerpts from the best movies in the network, ranging from gagged scenes to teen sex to girls in school uniforms.
  • Thousands of HD pictures, each better than the other.
  • $29.99 membership (Digital Playground discount makes it $9.95) which encompasses access to all these multi-faceted porn content.
  • Lots of porno action right under one big virtual umbrella, unfolding by the minute.

Some plus points of DP

  • Amazing line of performers, waiting to drop their clothes at a moment’s notice.
  • Over 785 models to choose from, all doing different actions in the pictures and movies.
  • Some of the high performers include the likes of Stoya, Riley and Kayden Kross.
  • Top notch content, especially if you want an exclusive value for your membership dough.
  • A mixed collection of 416 contemporary and classic movies, all available on Digital Playground.
  • New content is updated every 3-6 days, which keeps the interest of the viewers alive and rolling always.
  • 2374 scenes to choose from.
  • The prime most advantage of choosing DP over other porn sites is the access to the behind the scenes porn clips that you get. After all, if you want to experience it all, why not start at the grass root level itself.

Some apparent cons of the Digital Playground:

Probably, the biggest disadvantage of this porn site is that none of the scenes, clips and pics can be downloaded on to your computer. Yes, so in case you want to wank off at a later stage, you will have to log in again to check out your favorite porn star. You have a lot of streaming 960×540 content and the bucks stops here, absolutely. So if you want to enjoy your uninterrupted porn movies, you better have a good internet connection. Otherwise, you might want to get your connection upgraded.


No doubt that Digital Playground has been in business for the past 19 years. The porn network has created a good standing for itself in the porn industry in terms of experience as well as the performers. But the idea behind the streaming video limit is something which will pull back the viewers from signing up for the membership.