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I Know That Girl Discount

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There is just something about amateur porn that really grabs our attention and that something is often the idea of stumbling across somebody we know that is being fucked on camera. That thought can be quite exciting and I Know That Girl is a site that is pretty much dedicated to this particular genre.

They say that their site is 100% amateur and from the quality of the footage on there you really do have no reason to doubt that. The entire idea is that the scenes you see on there have been submitted by boyfriends, or ex boyfriends in a lot of cases, as they just want the world to see what she is really like. However, even though we kind of know it is not actually like that, it does still provide us with a lot of hot content showing gorgeous gals being fucked in every conceivable position.

The site itself is still relatively new, but do not let that put you off checking it out. They currently have over 200 movies for you to watch, but it averages around 25 minutes per movie, so they are not exactly just short clips. You are also going to be able to browse through over 200 picture sets as well and each set has 150 pics, so when you add it all up you should not feel short changed by the amount of content on their website.

Downloading from the site is very easy as they do zip things, so it is not going to clog up your entire hard drive. However, you will find that there is no advanced search option on there, so if you want to search according to hair color or anything else that is quite specific, then think again.

The site is just starting out and clearly there are a few teething issues, but just to make things a bit better for you it is cool to find out that by joining this website you also get access to the full Mofos Network and that alone makes joining this worth your while. Overall, if you love the amateur style of porn, then I Know That Girl may very well be the site for you.