Public Pickups Discount

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Public Pickups Discount

ONLY $17.95 per month for 30 days, that’s¬†precisely¬†41% OFF the regular price of $29.98!

Public Pickups is another site that has now formed part of the Mofos Network. I for one do not mind that this is the case because everybody knows that this network produces porn of the highest quality. That quality is clear for all to see on this site, oh and the concept is also pretty cool as well.

Have You Ever Been Picked Up Like This?

The entire concept is that these hot chicks are being picked up in public and then taken somewhere to be fucked nice and hard. We see them being chatted to in various locations and situations and at least they do vary what is going on rather than working along the same lines time and time again. Of course the chances of you being picked up by a film crew and asked if you want to fuck are slim, but it works well in this context.

The Site Is New, But Content Is Filling Up

The site has been around for 2 years, but they are building content every week and of course you also get access to the rest of their network when you join anyway. They have an equal number of movies and photo sets to choose from and everything is shot in HD since they have not been around for long, so quality is not an issue.

It Is Hardcore Fucking At Its Finest

So the Public Pickups content itself is really full of the best hardcore fucking around. These chicks are taken from mundane situations and before they know it they have a huge cock shoved in their mouth and are sucking and fucking with gusto. It seems as if they have some sudden desire to fuck harder than ever before and boy is it hot to watch.

Mofos Network

As I said earlier, you also get access to the Mofos network, so that means you will get to see thousands of scenes covering a range of genres and styles as part of your membership. This is one amazing bonus, but do not allow that to take your mind off the reason why you joined in the first place and that reason was your desire to see women being picked up in public and fucked for your viewing pleasure.